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The Bible in 30 Days

Ever wondered how the Bible fits together?  Ever ask questions like:

How does Moses relate to David and David to Jesus?  

What in the world are the prophets talking about!?

What's the main point?

Where do I even start in a book so big and so old?

Pastor Ben led us through the Bible in 30 lessons on Sunday mornings after worship through 2018.  We covered everything from Genesis to Revelation in an understandable manner that helped tie it all together.   We looked at creation, the flood, Abraham, Moses, the Kings, the prophets, the exile, Jesus' birth, teachings, and miracles.  We considered the advent of the Christian church, the growth of the Kingdom of God, and our ultimate final hope.  If you want to know more about how the Bible fits together into one consistent, glorious story, be sure to check this out.

Watch the classes on YouTube by clicking on this link.