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Why join a church?  How do I join this church?  We're glad you asked!

The church is the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:27).  In our own bodies we recognize that the brain is very important, but it's not very useful if the heart isn't supplying it with blood. Arms are good, but they're not much use if the rest of the body is missing. Each part of our body plays an important part in serving and being served by the rest of the body. That's true of those who belong to Jesus too.  There's no such thing in the Bible as an independent, churchless Christian.  A quick read through the New Testament shows us that the authors expected those who believe in Jesus to belong to a church--that's because God expects us to be part of a church too.

So if you belong to God, you should belong to a church; and we'd love to encourage you to consider making First Church your home.  We'll explain how briefly here. It's important and simple.  

First, you decide in your own heart if you truly believe what the Bible teaches.  Do you believe the Bible is the Word of God, that Jesus is the only savior for sinners, that Jesus saved you from your sins, and that you will live your life for Him from this point on?  Are you ready to commit toWelcome Home! serving Jesus and His people and being a part of His church?

If you believe those things and you're ready to commit yourself to living for Jesus, then you simply talk to our pastor and he'll schedule a time for you to meet with the elders (godly men who lead the church). They'll meet with you and give you a chance to tell them about yourself and how you came to believe in Jesus.  They will be excited to hear from you.  They love learning about what God has done in the lives of His people, so don't be intimidated!  

After that you'll be introduced one Sunday morning in worship and then the work of becoming more and more like Jesus begins in earnest.

If you have questions, send us an email or give us a call.  You belong here and we're here to help!