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Jesus said, "If anyone serves me, he must follow me." (John 12:26)  At First Church our mission is to become and make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  We use three words to define what it means to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ: worship, love, and serve.

Fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ will worship the Lord.

PrayerWe expect that our members will set aside time each week to worship together.  We worship at 9:30am and 5:30pm every Sunday, and our members are expected to regulary attend at least one of those services--and we love it when they attend both!  


Fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ will love His church.

For us this means spending time with the people of God and not just on Sundays.  We
encourage each member to be a part of a small group with other members.  In these groups we spend time praying for each other, studying the Bible, and enjoy one another's company.

Fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ will serve their neighbors.

Feet walking webOur neighbors are both the people that we go to church with and the people that we interact with
outside of the church.  Because of this we encourage people to find one way to serve the church and one way to serve the community.